Bob and Diane Steffl always wanted to open 

their own restaurant. In 1988, after looking 

at several locations, they found Napoli Pizzeria 

in the Great Southern Shopping Center. Although 

it was 25 miles from their home in Wexford, they

decided they could make Napoli into the restaurant 

they always wanted. Together with the help of 

Diane’s parents Nick and Madeline, and recipes 

of authentic Italian food, they opened their 

restaurant. At first it was just a pizza shop 

serving pizza and hoagies on paper plates.

Their children Nicole and Bobby were only 5 and 3 

at the time. They spent many days sitting in the 

booth doing their homework and making animal figures

out of pizza dough. In 1995 they decided to remodel 

the restaurant and add a bar and lounge area. 

Today the menu has been expanded using the finest 

products available. Daily the dough, sauces, and 

soups are made from scratch. Their children are now

 grown and are the third generation to operate the 

restaurant. Thanks to a very loyal clientele the 

restaurant is still going strong

26 years later and have made many good friends 

over the years. 

Thanks to all of you!!!

Now begins the next chapter with the additional

location in Washington.  

See You Here!

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